A Satisfied Customer Is the Best Advertising

I hope you’ve had a chance to experiment with the Marketing Messaging templates we discussed over the last few weeks. They’re simple tools that will energize and enable your sales team. Finding the right words to describe your products increases sales, but equally as important are the words of others. Positive endorsements will reinforce those carefully crafted messages and establish your credibility with prospective clients.

Just think about it – how often to you consider the “blurbs” on the back of a book before you buy it or read an online movie review before you go to the theater? Trident gum understands the power of positive recommendations – they’ve been using the “4 out of 5 dentists surveyed would recommend sugarless gum…” message since the 1960’s!
Recently, a post by Michael Hyatt, the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, caught my eye. His thoughts regarding “How to Secure Raving Endorsements” provide suggestions you can use to generate a steady stream of client recommendations. A few principles stood out to me in Michael’s post:

  • It takes intentional effort to gather great recommendations. If you treat endorsements as an afterthought, you lose valuable feedback about your product. Few things speak as powerfully as a satisfied customer.
  • It’s OK to solicit recommendations and provide direction for what it written. It may sound self-promoting to tell people what to write, but your clients are busy people. Help them help you by making your request clear and specific. Check out Michael’s post to see how he delicately directs the people endorsing his services.

I make a point of asking for endorsements, which I proudly display on my website. It’s an honor to win the support of my clients and a vital part of my sales strategy.

How about you? How do you gather and use recommendations? Share your strategy as a comment below.

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