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Are University Business Officers Throwing in the Towel?

A recent survey of college and university business officers conducted by Inside Higher Ed, revealed an alarming trend in Higher Education: “40 percent of respondents from all sectors said the business model of private four-year institutions that do not have significant endowments is unsustainable and must change, the highest for any sector. Further, college administrators say that small […]

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Keys to Smaller Universities Defeating Their Competitors

University Recruitment Strategy for Smaller Schools One of the challenges I enjoy as I advise university enrollment and marketing organizations is helping them win against larger competitors.  That’s why I appreciated the insights that I gained while touring the Pea Ridge National Military Park, one of the war’s pivotal battles and the most intact Civil […]

Using the SWOT Analysis to Your Advantage

In a previous post we explained how to use an External SWOT analysis to assess your strengths and weaknesses relative to your competition.  It’s a simple tool that empowers you to develop marketing messages that effectively position the unique products and services you offer. When combined with the information you gathered during the strategy development […]

10 Tips to Research Your Competition

“The ability to learn faster than your competition may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.” Arie de Geus, Royal Dutch Shell In my last post I stressed the importance of knowing where you stand compared to your competition.  I hope you had a chance to try the “External SWOT” exercise I shared – it’s a […]