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Does College Matter?

In tough economic times, recent studies have challenged the widely accepted belief that a college education boosts salaries and employment rates for young adults. With tuition costs reaching record highs, these studies have led potential students to question the value of a college education. Prospective students may choose to delay or defer college enrollment, yet […]


When It Pays to Spend Money You Don’t Have

As I meet with leaders at private colleges and universities around the country, I hear a common refrain: “We need to boost our enrollment numbers, but don’t have the money to invest in outside services.” When resources are tight, spending money you don’t have seems foolish, but former college financial executive Paul Greiving offers a different perspective. During his […]

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Are University Business Officers Throwing in the Towel?

A recent survey of college and university business officers conducted by Inside Higher Ed, revealed an alarming trend in Higher Education: “40 percent of respondents from all sectors said the business model of private four-year institutions that do not have significant endowments is unsustainable and must change, the highest for any sector. Further, college administrators say that small […]


How an “Eye in the Sky” Can Increase Commitment and Performance

What steps do you take to ensure you achieve your goals? A recent study by Dr. Gail Matthews at Dominican University of California found that people who define their goals, share this information publicly, and offer weekly performance updates were on average 33% more successful in reaching their goals than those who merely set goals. […]

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Keys to Smaller Universities Defeating Their Competitors

University Recruitment Strategy for Smaller Schools One of the challenges I enjoy as I advise university enrollment and marketing organizations is helping them win against larger competitors.  That’s why I appreciated the insights that I gained while touring the Pea Ridge National Military Park, one of the war’s pivotal battles and the most intact Civil […]