Does College Matter?

In tough economic times, recent studies have challenged the widely accepted belief that a college education boosts salaries and employment rates for young adults. With tuition costs reaching record highs, these studies have led potential students to question the value of a college education.

Prospective students may choose to delay or defer college enrollment, yet a January 2013 study by the Pew Charitable Trust indicates college attendance makes a difference, even in the toughest job markets. “Higher education is one of the key factors driving upward mobility in the United States,” said Diana Elliott, research manager of Pew’s Economic Mobility Project. “Even under the pressures of the most recent economic downturn, a four-year college degree provided protection in the labor market for recent college graduates.”

Whether college provides personal resilience, professional competency, or intellectual credibility, all three factors set college graduates apart from their peers. The Pew study indicates that all Americans aged 21 to 24 faced challenges finding work in the recent recession, but the drop in employment and income was much steeper among young adults who lacked a college degree.

Encouraging news for admissions departments! Yet, to take advantage of these findings, enrollment teams must be prepared to sell, not only the merits of their institutions, but the benefits of college attendance in general. Are your enrollment counselors equipped to answer questions like:

  • How do the benefits of college enrollment outweigh tuition costs?
  • How will attending your college prepare students both personally and professionally for future employment?
  • In a crowded market, how does your institution stand out from other universities?

With more colleges and universities competing for the same pool of students than ever before, your enrollment and marketing practices must be top notch and your messaging must set your school apart from other institutions. Every member of your admissions team must be able to make a compelling case for your school.

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