Mapping Your Message – Part 2


Without wasting any time, let’s continue with Part Two of the messaging process. In Part 1, we analyzed features of your company’s products and services. By identifying their distinctives, value, and benefit to customers, we created preliminary messaging statements and put them into groups. In Part 2, we follow a similar process, but focus on categorizing our combined statements to form concise, robust messages. In so doing, we’ll be well on our way toward crafting messages that clearly communicate customer benefits – the equivalent of a marketing “knock-out”.

Click HERE to access the MMC Messaging Map – Part 2.

This step is about reorganizing the information you created in Part 1 to help you see your marketing messages in a new light. Start by grouping similar combined statements from Part 1 in the category columns on the Messaging Map. Next, study each column to look for themes describing your customer benefits. For example, a theme for a particular category column might be “Financial Reliability” because it combines features such as low consumer prices, affordable materials, accurate proposals, etc. Effective marketing messages convince consumers to purchase your product, so look for themes that set you apart from your competitors. Write the theme (category) for each group at the top of the column.

Consider Wal-Mart’s slogan, “Always Low Prices, Always Wal-Mart”. On the surface, this message reminds customers that Wal-Mart sells low cost merchandise, but on a deeper level. “low prices” (a feature) lead to financial security (a benefit).This underlying meaning flows from a single well-crafted marketing message.

This is the most strenuous part of the process because it requires high-level analysis and creativity, but it’s essential to pinpoint the full benefits that your offer. When you complete this step, you’ll have an arsenal of highly responsive statements that will energize your sales appointments.

Come back next week for the final step as we pull these exercises together into a complete messaging strategy. If you’d like to discuss your sales strategy in greater depth, feel free to leave a comment or email me directly at


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