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Mike Moroney, Principal and Owner

Mike MoroneyWith more than 30 years of corporate sales and executive leadership experience, Mike has “been there.” He’s owned top-line growth objectives and achieved them year after year across multiple industries and disciplines.

Throughout his career, Mike has led transformational growth, including running the Western U.S. for both Control Data, a Fortune 500 company, and Netigy, an entrepreneurial start-up. He also served as regional sales director of Sprint E/Solutions and Pathlore. In each role Mike made significant, timely contributions and out-performed revenue targets.

After proving his expertise and skills across multiple industries, Mike joined the educational community, where he reversed a decline in enrollment at Colorado Christian University, putting the school in the top 10 percent of universities nationwide for growth. He increased donor contributions by 300 percent in 18 months and grew enrollment from 600 to more than 3,000 students in only 3 years.

Mike is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines where he earned degrees in engineering and economics, an experience which helped shape his unique approach of combining analytics and sales expertise to build strategies and processes that you can count on.

Gabriel Arosemena

GabrielGabriel Arosemena, owner of GEA-designs, brings 24+ years of graphic design experience and expertise, primarily in the business and corporate sectors, specializing in the design and development of print and web marketing collateral, branding/identity, and advertising.

In today’s fast-paced business culture, speed of service is paramount to product/service delivery. GEA-designs excels in producing creative solutions in a timely and efficient fashion. Their approach to design and implementation is foundational to their success in formulating marketing products that showcase the client’s brand, thus increasing visibility and recognition in the marketplace.

Gabriel incorporates an easy-going approach to working with clients, being attentive to their goals and desires. When it comes to design, he works especially hard to ascertain the client’s tastes, preferences and dislikes, so as collaboration takes place, the final goal is to create a piece that will be a great representation of the client’s business.

Joanna Meyer

JoannaJoanna brings 15 years of corporate and nonprofit experience to the MMC team. In addition to collaborating with Mike on the MMC blog, she leads the executive life-coaching program at Trimm International, where she specializes in leadership development and organizational culture.

Joanna recently completed a Master of Arts in Social and Civic Entrepreneurship and is passionate about helping small and medium sized businesses leverage resources to profitably invest in their communities. Whether you want to build strategic partnerships with local nonprofits, evaluate your organization’s social and environmental impact, or differentiate yourself from the competition through social good, Joanna’s blend of strategic-thinking, relationship building, and communications skills provides the tools you need to make a difference and increase your bottom line.

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