QBS Sales Leader

QBS LogoIn today’s competitive market, companies are looking for tools that will motivate and enable their sales teams, increasing their return on investment. The Question Based Selling (QBS) methodology, popularized Thomas Freese’s book Secrets of Question Based Selling, focuses on a conversational layering model that teaches sales staff to differentiate themselves and effectively convey value. As a 30 year sales veteran, Mike Moroney has found that the QBS model resonates with his own real-life experiences. Using questions, your sales team will learn to uncover clients’ needs, establish credibility, and overcome buyer resistance. As a certified QBS sales leader, Mike offers client workshops to develop those concepts specifically for your business to enhance the effectiveness of your sales efforts.


ABACC LogoMMC is a member of ABACC (Association of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges). The mission of ABACC is to improve the standard of business management in schools of Christian Higher Education by providing professional development, networking and mutual support to their business leadership. MMC is pleased to work with the member organizations of ABACC to investigate opportunities to improve top line growth and provide subsequent strategy, implementation, and interim leadership services to ensure results.


CAHEA logoMMC is proud to sponsor the annual CAHEA (Christian Adult Higher Education Association) Conference. The event provides a venue for educators to dialogue and share current trends and best practices to serve adult learners. Having worked with several CAHEA member universities, the MMC teams looks forward to meeting leaders in adult education at the conference.

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