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smb-consultingIn today’s economy, many businesses struggle to increase top line revenue while keeping expenses in check. To make matters even more difficult, stockholders and lenders want to see profits grow year-after year. More businesses compete for fewer projects and the methods for finding and winning clients are changing.

The success of your business depends on producing consistent sales and growth, so why wouldn’t you ensure that your sales and marketing programs are as efficient and effective as possible?

  • Comprehensive assessment: MMC’s signature service begins with a comprehensive assessment of your sales organization. In addition to analyzing your practices, we interview key stakeholders to understand your sales culture and needs. Our all-inclusive report identifies opportunities, and provides recommendations for improving your processes and increasing your sales success.

  • Targeted Strategy: Based on the results of your assessment, we develop a complete marketing and sales strategy designed to connect you with your target market and differentiate your company from the competition. We’ll define your sales processes by establishing goals, metrics, and ownership to generate leads and increase conversion rates. Our signature tools and practices are based on facts and figures, not the latest fads or theories.

  • Effective Implementation: Too often, companies invest in sales and marketing strategies, but struggle to apply them. We walk with you every step of the way to successfully implement your strategy and ensure that it is working and cultural. We establish processes, implement early-indicator reporting, increase accountability, maximize conversion rates, and more to help you surpass previous sales records.

  • Coaching: MMC adopts your objectives as our own. We offer workshops to help your team increase prospective-client interest, uncover needs, establish credibility, and overcome buyer resistance. We’ll train your staff and coach your management team to help you succeed.

  • Interim Leadership: You may choose to hire one of MMC’s experts as an interim leader to boost sales from within your organization. With more than 30 years of sales and marketing leadership experience, we understand the challenges your teams face and seamlessly integrate ourselves into your organizational culture.

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