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A Satisfied Customer Is the Best Advertising

I hope you’ve had a chance to experiment with the Marketing Messaging templates we discussed over the last few weeks. They’re simple tools that will energize and enable your sales team. Finding the right words to describe your products increases sales, but equally as important are the words of others. Positive endorsements will reinforce those […]

The Final Steps

  As an outcome from Part 2 of MMC’s messaging-development process, you should now have over-arching statements that efficiently encapsulate the primary themes associated with your offerings.  These should be concisely structured in the form of benefit statements that satisfy both the entrepreneur and the risk-avoider.  From a customer perspective these statements describe what you […]

Mapping Your Message – Part 2

  Without wasting any time, let’s continue with Part Two of the messaging process. In Part 1, we analyzed features of your company’s products and services. By identifying their distinctives, value, and benefit to customers, we created preliminary messaging statements and put them into groups. In Part 2, we follow a similar process, but focus […]

Mapping Your Message – Part I

  Companies of all sizes struggle to hone their message and market it creatively.  A single encounter with the incorrect tone, distracting graphics, or awkward wording can jeopardize a potential sale by converting a clear, appealing message into a swampy, obscure mess. Recently, I observed two basic principles of business messaging at my local park: […]

Assessing Your Enablement

  So far, we’ve covered several of the components I use in developing a sales strategy.  We began by looking at the difference between sales and marketing, then we discussed the importance of volume and velocity, and finally, we sized up your competition.  Next we need to assess how well you enable your sales organization.  […]