University Enrollment

“The university is the fulcrum to move the world. More powerfully than any other means, change the university and you change the world.”  – Charles Malik

Nothing impacts individual lives and the good of society as much as education—that’s why we want as many students as possible from your target market to enroll in your program.

Aggressive recruiting from large for-profit institutions pushes colleges and universities to cut costs while increasing demands on the admissions and development departments. Rising tuition costs and internet and social media marketing are just two of the challenges colleges and universities face as they seek to attract potential students.

So why wouldn’t you want to ensure that your enrollment and
marketing programs are as effective as possible?


  • Comprehensive assessment: Our in-depth evaluation identifies opportunities for growth based on your current resources. This thorough survey evaluates existing enrollment, recruiting, marketing, and student services organizations and includes interviews with all of the key stakeholders affect enrollment. The evaluation will help you identify what investments, if any, are required to maximize your productivity and control costs through prioritized spending.

  • Targeted Strategy: Why blend in when a focused marketing strategy can help you connect with your target market and differentiate your institution? Based on the results of our assessment, we build a complete marketing and enrollment strategy that reflects your competitive challenges, market position, and organizational culture. Our signature practices yield practical solutions based on facts and figures, rather than conjecture or theory.

  • Effective Implementation: Once your strategy is complete, we walk with you each step of the way to ensure it’s implemented effectively. Too often, schools invest in enrollment and marketing strategies, only to file them away and return to their previous way of functioning. We’ll establish goals, metrics, and ownership at each stage in the marketing, recruitment, and retention processes to generate leads, streamline communication, and help prospective students discover what your program has to offer.

  • Coaching: We genuinely want to see you succeed and adopt your enrollment goals as our own. As a member of your team, we come alongside enrollment and marketing leaders to sharpen their skills and train them to effectively manage strategy. We review weekly reports, keep a pulse on operational successes and challenges, provide weekly advice for sustained and improved performance, reveal industry trends, and anticipate growth-cycle requirements.

  • Interim Leadership: An experienced interim leader can boost your enrollment by providing temporary support as you build your enrollment team. With more than 30 years of experience, we understand the challenges you face and seamlessly integrate ourselves into your organizational culture.


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