Winning in Today’s Sales Ethos

A recent article made the point that face to face selling is almost obsolete.  The basis was that corporate hiring of outside sales positions has leveled off whereas hiring for inside sales positions has increased.  While we agree that this is true, we feel it is equally important to recognize that this is often due to a combination of tight corporate budgets and the advancement of electronic communication technology.  Yet there may be a hidden opportunity in the midst of this shift toward remote selling.

The old axiom that people buy from people is still true.  In fact, it is a proven fact that sales conversion rates are a function of both the response time and the type of communication.  Take a look at the following chart:

As the selling model gravitates toward electronic communication, the volume of opportunities must also increase to offset the lower conversion rates.  And with so many sales people now using these types of sales models, it is crucial that the technique invoked with each of the media types is most effective.

While it is our opinion that companies should make effective use of email, phone, text, and social media skills in their sales model, we also believe that face-to-face selling should not be excluded.  It is still the best relationship builder.  At a time when many companies are de-emphasizing in-person selling, it may just provide the competitive advantage needed to win in certain situations – especially for larger B2B deals that involve multiple buyers in multiple departments, or in certain B2C environments such as university recruiting.

If you are interested in developing the most cost-effective selling model for your business, call us.  We offer a workshop that will enable you to build interest, credibility, and relationship electronically, while also gathering the qualification parameters necessary to determine if and when to invoke a face-to-face selling component.

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  1. Jeff Baker March 11, 2013 at 4:16 pm #

    Excellent article…